Yaris sedan or hatch?

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by degnaw, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. degnaw

    degnaw Well-Known Member

    I'm considering buying a yaris (the corolla has 150k and counting) and was wondering, when it comes to fuel economy, if there's any tangible difference between the sedan and hatchback? I would think one would be more aerodynamic than the other, but the epa didn't test them separately (and I tried looking up the aero cd, but they were the same on both cars). I also found the curb weights of the cars to be within 5 pounds of each other. So assuming the extra doors don't really matter, which would be best?
  2. MaxxMPG

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    With both cars so close in weight and drag, and if the gearing is the same (and why wouldn't it be with weight so close), my guess is that it is a tossup. I know that the hatchback is more practical for carrying larger items that can't be crammed into the small trunk opening of the sedan. But the sedan has a more accessible rear seat. So if you will be using the back seat for carrying passengers, the nod goes to the sedan. If you plan on lugging large irregularly shaped objects (and that would describe me, although I count as a passenger... :D ) then the hatchback is the better bet.

    Considering how popular the Yaris is at current gas prices, your decision may already be set by what the dealer has in stock that he's willing to part with for a reasonable selling price. It's a great car in either body style.
  3. xcel

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    Hi Degnaw:

    ___If it is the four doors vs. three doors that are holding you back, you may be in luck as we are going to receive the Canadian 5-door hatch for 09. That makes it almost a no-brainer as you have great ingress/egress for 4 and the hatch for a massive amount of cargo space and utility you do not receive with the sedan. Not sure about pricing but I bet Toyota will charge a few more $Hundred’s of dollars for the 5-door after all is said and done.

    ___Good Luck

  4. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Gotta say, all other things being equal, the hatchback is IMHO a hideous sight whereas the sedan's not a bad looking piece (strange, I'm not usually a fan of notchback profiles, I prefer hatchback/wagon silhouettes or convertibles). So sedan it is!
  5. xcel

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    Hi Jcp123:

    ___Take your pic :)


    3-Door Hatch

    5-door Hatch

    ___Good Luck

  6. msirach

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    A friend bought a 4 door auto and loves it. 1st tank was 35 mpg. Fill this week was the 8th snd up to 47.98 mpg without a scanguage.He testdrove a Corolla and liked the feel of the Yaris better.
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  7. ATL

    ATL Well-Known Member

    I <3 my hatch

  8. warthog1984

    warthog1984 Well-Known Member

    If I had to get a Yaris, I'd get the sedan because the rear seat in the hatch, while useful, is entirely too exposed in a rear end collision.
  9. Nikki

    Nikki Well-Known Member

    It really depends on your needs and preferences. With the exception of my 1976 Buick Skylark, I've always owned a hatchback or a truck and can't imagine not having the space to haul stuff. If I really wanted a Yaris, I'd have to wait for the 5 door. Too many elderly relatives that can't crawl into back seat of a 2 door car.
  10. 07mpshei

    07mpshei Well-Known Member

    I think the hatchback is a much "younger" looking car and looks more fun to drive than the sedan
  11. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I'd pick the 5-door for utility, but with the sedan nose on it for looks. But that's just me. ;)
  12. voodoo22

    voodoo22 Cheaper than the bus

    Make sure you test drive both at highway speeds and on a less than perfectly paved road. That's the major test which made our decision easy.

    The Hatch has a higher sitting postion, more glove compartments, more head room, less room width wise and more body roll, because it sits higher. It also has a shorter wheel base.

    The Sedan has a more common sitting position, less head room but more room width wise. It has less body roll (as it sits closer to the ground) and we found it noticeably quiter and better handling on the highway going 100 km/h or 60 mph.

    Remember that the Sedan and Hatch are not the same vehicles. In Japan the Sedan is the Belta and the Hatch is the Vitz.

    We found the handling, feel and ride quality of the sedan to be superior to the liftback so we bought the sedan. It comes down to personal preference. We went to the Toyota dealer wanting a liftback, but the amount of road noise, high sitting position and comparable instability of the hatch compared to the sedan seemed changed our mind completely.

    While I miss the increased headroom and look of the hatch, we've had our sedan for almost a year now and we're both so glad we test drove extensively first. A co-worker bought a Yaris shortly after us and came to the exact same conclusion, so there is some merit to these points if they're important to you.
  13. synchronicity

    synchronicity Member

    I have owned a variety of hatches and coupes.
    I went to the dealer to buy a hatchback.
    My Yaris is my first four door.
    Handling and comfort made the difference.
  14. boofitz

    boofitz New Member

    I had been yearning for a Matrix for years, but I drove away in a Yaris sedan because the driver's seat was SO comfortable!
  15. Yaris Hilton

    Yaris Hilton Half a Bubble Off Plumb

    I went to the dealer intending to buy a hatch, but after comparing the two got a sedan. The sedan has a very spacious trunk, and carrying stuff in there doesn't sacrifice passenger space as it does in the hatch. A big plus is being able to keep stuff out of sight in the trunk, and you don't have to worry about getting hit in the back of the head by flying stuff if you have a frontal collision as with a hatch with stuff in the back. The trunk won't hold as tall an object as the hatch, but if you get the 60/40 folding seats you can carry longer things in the sedan (poking through into the cabin) than in a hatch. As is, without folding down my seats I can carry in the trunk anything that can fit in, on and under a grocery cart, or several old long infantry rifles and a big Tupperware container of range gear, or a cased guitar and amp with room to spare. The sedan's more stable than the hatch as mentioned above. Mileage and performance are the same. I'd like another inch and a half of headroom and a little more space to squeeze my knees under the steering wheel, but can't criticize much else.

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