does side rail block crosswinds?

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by supamonkey56, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. supamonkey56

    supamonkey56 Member

    i was just thinking about this the other day, but does the side wall/rail on highways help decrease the amount of side directional winds. i've read that the crosswinds actually are the most harmful to your car's FE. any inputs would be great. thanks:Banane47:
  2. jamesqf

    jamesqf Well-Known Member

    Simple answer - it depends. On the wind direction, height & design of rail/wall, how close you are to it, and probably a lot of other factors. But there are sections of road I drive that have walls in some places (or even trees/shrubs along the verge), and on days with a strong crosswind I can see the Insight's instant mpg display change.
  3. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    Generally, I would say yes, but as james said, it all depends. Generally you can feel wind resistance, so if you move over near the wall and the resistance goes down, it must be working. If you were on a very level road, you could hit your cruise control and watch your fuel economy. If it goes up next to the wall and down away from it....great.

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