Looking for top FE in GM sedan/compact.

Discussion in 'GM' started by pdw, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. pdw

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    The Chevy Impala has been around a long time (seems like 40 years) ... and as far as I know has always done great in FE for its class.
  2. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    The Impala name has been around on and off since 1958, with the current FWD version on the road for the last nine years. The current iteration (W-body) has great FE potential, but that doesn't guarantee low fuel costs. The driver must unlock the potential by driving gently. If you drop the pedal whenever you see green lights, the V6 will drink with the best of em. But keep the tach at around 2 during acceleration and below 2 when cruising and it will sip like a four-banger.

    The next Impala will be a stretched Epilon version as the old W-edsel (now 20 years old) retires. This will likely happen as most models move to the new Epsilon-II (2009 Opel Vectra, 2010 Buick Invicta, 2011 Saturn Aura, 2012 Chevy Malibu). So just as Toyota made the Avalon by stretching the Camry, GM will make a new Impala by stretching the Malibu. My Epsilon-Malibu sedans are getting some impressive FE, so the next Impala should show some promise.
  3. sailordave

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    I had talked my mom out of getting an 07 Impala and into an 07 Saturn Aura XE instead. After years of driving her Dodge Grand Caravan, this thing is a gas sipper compared to that caravan. My malibu sips gas when accelerating lightly. But when my wife drives my car it sucks the tank down. I asked her why she accelerates so fast when she's driving but when I accelerate softer it hurts her back. It's because she can brace her back using her arms (on the steering wheel) and back muscles to brace for the acceleration. She's got a lead foot and she's not afraid to use it. It's kind of sad that the Cobalt gets better MPG than the Aveo right now.
  4. pdw

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    I was wondering how those two compared.
  5. MaxxMPG

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    As far as I can see on the future-cars sites, the Aveo will continue to be a guzzler (relative to its size) until it migrates to the same platform as the Opel Corsa, which is in about three years. The collective guess right now is that the Aveo moves to the Gamma B-car platform (Opel Corsa/Meriva) and gets the three cylinder Ecotec from the Volt. With the 1.4L 4cyl turbo rumored to hit low to mid 40s MPG in the Cruze, the 1.0L 3cyl in a Gamma body shell has to be good for low 50s at least, unless they fired all their good powertrain engineers by then. The current plan is to build this new Aveo in Lordstown, Ohio alongside the Cobalt and Cruze. If this all pans out, the next Aveo will be made in USA with an Ecotec engine instead of being an imported Daewoo with the 'Woo motor.

    To follow the progress of the new powerplants, you can google: GM family zero engine
  6. pdw

    pdw Well-Known Member

    Their sales will pick up to match the occasion once they can display some of this serious leading-edge inventory.

    In tandem with the new products GM needs to continue to display the best kind of hospitality ... like their early Saturn dealers ... easy/visible << CUSTOMER PARKING >> and a friendly greeting/showroom atmosphere at all times to eliminate any buyer confusion. Many are already doing this well, as well as service setups have been designed to modern standards.

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