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Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by sailordave, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. sailordave

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    Anyone remember this little bugger? The base model Omni was a mpg champ in it's day. Then along came a Texan named Caroll Shelby and he did a little tweeking to this little thing and a special model was created called GLH or goes like hell. Here was a four door hatchback that could do 0-60 in about 6 seconds in the early to mid 80s and get epa rating of 19 city and 29 hwy. The base model got around 30 city and 39 or 40 hwy.
  2. brick

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    I new a kid in high school with an Omni. He had to fuel three times a week because he could never get more than three gallons in the tank at a time. One would think he could get better mileage but he was a jock and about the same size and shape as the car.
  3. ILAveo

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    We had the conventional Omni/horizon which I would call a GLS "goes like snail." It was good for us for about a year until my wife got T-boned on the way to church.
  4. aca2983

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    I knew a lady who had an Omni GLH "back in the day". It was black, I don't think I ever personally saw one that was another color. A highschool friend had an ORANGE "normal" Omni, and man did he drive the h*ll out of that car. I always liked the "Omnirizons". They were space efficient and simple, and much better cars than the POS 83 Escort I had, and arguably better than the Rabbits they closely resembled.

    A older lady down the street from me had one until a few years ago when she traded and got a strippo Corolla CE.

    Wasn't there a "GLHS" that came after the GLH, that was even faster and more outrageous?
  5. sailordave

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    Yep, they did make a GLH-S in both the Omni and the Charger, a two door hatchback version of the Omni. It was amazing. Here was a car weighing about 2,200 lbs with 175hp engine, capable of doing 0-60 in about 6 seconds and a quarter mile in about 14 seconds for less than half the price of bigger name but not faster cars. It could also pull 89 g forces. It was Dodge/Chrysler's first front drive model. Interesting note was that Consumer Reports initially reported problems with the Omni's handling but was found out later that they did a high speed manuver and took it off the road and onto the dirt and grass. Kind of makes you wonder if they did this intentionally out of a bias against front wheel drive cars (this was 1978).
  6. 98CRV

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    GLH was aimed at competing with the Volkswagon GTI if I recall.
  7. jcp123

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    I like the little Omnis. They're the old breed of economy car I wish they still built - basic.

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