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Discussion in 'ScanGauge' started by Dan, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Torf

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    Thanks! Can you point me to a place that shows me how to display +/- integer values and decimal values in this hex scheme? The coding manual isn't clear enough for me.
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    Seems everyone is familiar with all these posts for dummies,but i'm not up to the dummy level yet as i have no idea what most of these posts are talking about:confused:
    I guess i need a topic called "Scangauge for the brain dead":D
    On my SG i have displayed MPG-Average MPG-radiator temp-air intake temp. but a lot of the other potential gauges i have no idea why i would need them:confused:
    Such as Battery temp
    ign timing position
    Open and closed loop?:confused:
    Steering position
    G force
    And dozens of others
  3. CarlD

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    An easy way to determine the 2's complement value of a negative number is to use the Windows calculator. Select the scientific view, type in a negative number, then click on the Hex button. You can also click the Word (default is Qword) button to get rid of the leading F's if you want.

    One thing that is also not clear iin the documentation is that the SG does not round - it just truncates when it displays. The 10x and 100x options in the RXF are just decimal point movers.
  4. kenyan

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    have a 2001 prius japan import..anyone tried a SG II on it???

  5. dhaluza

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    My '09 Pontiac Vibe with the 2.4L Toyota VVT-I engine and CAN-bus OBD supports PID 01 53, but the Wikipedia table ends at 01 52. Does anyone know what this PID is?

    It also supports PIDs 06 01 and others in that range as well as PID 08 01. Does anyone know about these too?

    P.S. This ECU supports the passive codes 002D and 00BC from the Prius, but not the others (naturally the battery and EV codes do not work). It also supports passive codes 0020 and 0024, but I have no idea what these are either.
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  6. Daox

    Daox Well-Known Member

    Hello. I'm bringing this thread back from the dead for a couple questions.

    First off, I used the xgauge code in xcel's file, and I can not get gas position sensor, and battery pack voltage to work. I'm not as worried about battery pack voltage, but gas position sensor seems to be critical for SHM and I'd really like that to work!

    Also, did anyone ever figure out how to monitor inverter temperatures?
  7. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Yes, another vote for Inverter temp. MG2 temp would be nice also. I will be PHEV soon!
  8. Dan

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  9. snead_c

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    Wow ! I'm new at this ScanGauge thing and Dan you're the MAN! :flag:
  10. Floyd2

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    Great thread, unfortunatelly I didn't have time to read all messages yet. I'm in particular interested in the temps. of the invertor and MG1 and MG2. Preferably in Celsius. Are these setting already know? I have a Prius 2006 and use a SG2.
    Thanks all. Keep up the good work!
  11. imwoody36

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    Hello Everyone, 'been lurking for a while, You know me as the owner of AutoBeYours.com
    has anyone else tried the "voyager Dash" application for droid?
    I am having good results in my prius.
  12. imwoody36

    imwoody36 New Member

  13. 2009PriusChat

    2009PriusChat Well-Known Member

    Has anyone figured out this yet? I don't see 0x52E or 0x536 on my Prius CAN bus and the note in the excel file said "test failed". Thanks!
  14. spider1580

    spider1580 Member

    i ask in other topic.
    i think this is the best place.
    do you know the xgauge code for the inverter coolant temperature in a 2G?
    Dan if you don,t know i think anybody knows it.
    it exist for 3G but it isn,t work in 2g.
  15. cwerdna

    cwerdna Member

    cdl and ccl values don't seem right; latest file?

    Is this still the right thread and is the xls still being actively updated or have people moved onto other things (e.g. 3rd gen Prius)? I noticed the file was last updated in 9/09.

    I had a question about ccl and cdl. I haven't looked at the much, but these values seem always below 11 for me. That doesn't sound right at all, if they're supposesd to be in amps. Outside air temps were below 50 F at the time and the car was cold.

    I've seen values for Bta that are correct (~-19 amps while coasting, 90+ amps if I floor the car, -60 amps or "more" while braking, etc.)

    I have an 06 Prius and SG firmware 3.15. I have no trouble w/any other XGauges that I've entered.
  16. imwoody36

    imwoody36 New Member

    try firing an email to Norm at hybridinterfaces.ca

    or asking on the Update and technical details on my PHEV project
    at prius chat.
  17. Chazman

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    The reason the engine always spins above 40 MPH is, if it didn't, the electric motor would be spinning fast, but the engine would be stopped. System is not designed for the planetary gears (between the engine and the electric motor) to handle that large of a difference in rotational speeds. Go with synthetic oil to get the best compromise.

    Also, when in Neutral, the traction battery does not charge.
  18. diamondlarry

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    I do believe the GenIII Prius allows up to 62 mph with the engine off. Many GenII models have been up to that speed with no ill effects noted.
  19. gawilson

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    Can't get BUF to work plus gauge won't stay on but a few minutes at a time--I have it in hybrid mode. Also would like a transmission temp code.
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