Amid Bankrupacy Rumors, Chrysler Betting on 2009 Ram Pickup

Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by Chuck, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I don't wish firings on US workers, but I have long said Chrysler is a useless car company and should have died long ago. I still stand by that -- I have no idea how they are still operating. MB was smart to just dump them and stop the bleeding. Chrysler isn't geared at all for the gas crunch, so that will only accelerate their demise (They had to play a desperation card with that 2.99 gas guarantee). You might say they're cruising to BK with a 5.7L 390HP HEMI under the hood.
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    Going back to the first page, the Mazda pick-up truck is a rebadged Ford Ranger. Dodge would have gotten better reviews had they come out with a revised and more fuel efficient Dodge Dakota. Right now there are probably some old school truck buyers who are longing for the old Chevy S-10, Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, or even further back the Chevy Luv or the similiar size Datsun pickup. Here was a small lightweight pickup with pretty good mpg especially with a stick.
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    I just went to website and clicked on the 1985 small pickups and found they had diesel trucks capable of over 33 mpg original epa test highway and clost to 30 city. The regular gasoline stick shift models had at or close to 30 mpg highway on the original epa test. Can you imagine how many truck sales they could have if they brought back the small 4 cylinder diesel engine small pickups at the right price? I know several truck guys who prefer diesel engines for their long life, high torque, and good mpg rating.
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    I do own a 2006 dodge ram with the hemi and 5 speed AT. It has the MDS on it and is good when I need to tow something. I began employing some of the hypermiling techniques on it and found that I get a consistant 20.1 to 20.3 mpg in city driving. Even before on the freeway with cruise control it would get 23 to 25 mpg's. I'm very interested in what it will do on my next trip to texas useing the techniques I've found on this site.
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    Hi Alpha-dog:

    ___I am very interested in your actuals as well ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    On a brighter note, the local ford plant here in Minnesota that makes the rangers that was suppose to shut down this year is still going, and might continue to if demand for smaller trucks continues to grow!:)
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    Re: Amid Bankruptcy Rumors, Chrysler Betting on 2009 Ram Pickup

    Oh my, the memories! My first car back in 1984 was a 77 newport 4 door hardtop.
    It had a 440 in it and still had slow acceleration because it was sooo big and heavy!
    It was nice for interstate cruising however.:rolleyes:

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