Milwaukee Hybrid Group Meet - Oak Creek, Wisconsin - Saturday March 4, 2006

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  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___The next group meet for hybrid and non-hybrid owners living in Illinois, Wisconsin, or who are just passing through the area is Saturday March 4, 2006 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


    ___Listed on the Milwaukee Hybrid Group’s home page is as clear a statement about what group meets are all about.

    ___If you have never visited a Hybrid Group Meet before, do not feel intimidated as it is always a learning experience. Let me add that you will be glad you attended simply because most general hybrid questions can usually be answered quickly by hybrid owners with first hand knowledge and experience.

    ___Feel free to contact Justin Fons at for more information.

    ___Good Luck and I hope to see you there …

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  2. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___And for the details …

    Saturday, March 4, 2006
    10:00am to 12:00pm

    Oak Creek Public Library
    8620 South Howell Ave.
    Oak Creek, WI. 53154

    From the NORTH: take I-94 south and exit on Rawson Ave. Turn left and go to Howell Ave (Hwy 38). Turn right and go about 2 miles and watch for green HYBRID CAR INFO signs on the left.

    From the SOUTH: take I-94 north and exit on Ryan Road. Turn right and go to Howell Ave (Hwy 38). Turn left and go about 2 miles and watch for green HYBRID CAR INFO signs on the right. Just past Puetz Road.

    10:00 (15min) Gather, informal remarks and refreshments
    10:15 (15min) Opening comments
    10:30 (45min) Cold weather effects and hybrid driving tips
    11:15 (10min) Hybridfest 2006
    11:25 (10min) Future meetings and vision
    11:35 (15min) Wrap up
    11:50 (open) Pulse and glide training

    If you have not yet told me you are attending, please do so. If you are comfortable with teaching the pulse and glide technique for the Prius also let me know. And finally encourage your friends and spouses to attend, owners or not.

    Justin and I are looking forward to meet each of you. We think you'll find this time together fun and very informative.

    Bradlee Fons
    The Milwaukee Hybrid Group
    Milwaukee Hybrid Group

    ___Good Luck

  3. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___Wow is about all I can add as far as the Milwaukee Hybrid Group Meet was concerned. A big thanks to Bradlee for putting together the event and the Oak Creek Public Library for providing the space.

    Bradlee Fons presenting … Bradlee, sorry about the pic as there is more ceiling then you showing ;)


    Some of the MHG Participants.


    ___Besides the get together, we had 2 representatives from Johnson Controls new Battery Division discussing their activities and the need for more powerful packs for EV/HEV automobiles looking forward. PriusChat was well represented with 3 active participants adding insight (no pun intended ;)) to the groups overall knowledge of the subjects at hand. There was an automobile tech invited to present information on fuel additives although personally, my bias has me discount the use of additives as a fuel economy enhancing tool. And then Bradlee who apparently is an avid Peak Oil reader had some interesting comments about what hybrids can and cannot do to help us transition to whatever future transportation we may be using in the not to distant future … If any at all!

    ___Both Tom and I thought the event was not only well attended but the information presented was top notch from both a beginners perspective as well as a technologically savvy hybrid owner. At the end of the event, The Prius Chat members and myself took some participants out of for a demo of P&G with them driving their own vehicles. My 2 demo’s yielded 71 and 73 mpg test loop respectively. The Prius Chat guys topped that with a 76 mpg showing! Nice job guys ;)

    ___Bradlee, I look forward to your next one and hopefully Tom or I can attend.

    ___Good Luck

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  4. krousdb

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    OK so Wayne tooks the pics. Is Tom in any of them? Just trying to put a face to a name.
  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

  6. krousdb

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    Ha, it's like looking in a mirror.:D Only I don't have as much hair.:(

    Hope to see youse guys at Hybridfest.
  7. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    lol **** that's experence ;)
  8. tigerhonaker

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    So there is Tom And Eric. :)

  9. gonavy

    gonavy Well-Known Member

    A veritable rogue's gallery!

    Just wait for the HBO documentary (Earth Day)- I assume the Prius marathon made the cut and we'll see you guys in living color?

    OT- My segment did not make it :( Too bad- I nailed 45mpg in the FEH I was test driving for their little skit. 1st time in it, and rolling film! I think I waxed too poetic about E85, when Ellen wanted me to talk about the logic and economics of owning a hybrid with an SUV also in the garage.

    Oh well, my 15 minutes will need to wait. And it would've made for a neat premiere party with the neighbors.
  10. krousdb

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    Last I heard the marathon made the cut. Rosie promised that we would get a video prior to airing, but I havent gotten anything yet. Maybe we didnt make the cut after all.

    I have had my 15 minutes and if you ask me, it's 14 minutes too many. :)

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