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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by noyz, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. noyz

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    Hey all! new member as of today, with a 2005 Xterra 4wd auto 5sp. Not a prius, but not bad on gas for a suv. (low 20s hwy) My hope is to become an even better driver at burning less dino's remains to get up in the mountains and enjoy our 9 months+ snowboard season. Now to get it to run on water or snow.....
  2. Vooch

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    welcome !

    try reading the 'beating the EPA.....' article linked on the upper right of this website.

    make sure the car is tuned up, has syth oil, and the trunk is cleaned up

    pump up tires to max sidewall - do it 3-5 PSI at a time to get comfortable with it

    if your car has a iFCD, start with DWL in those hills - if no iFCD, get a scanguage

    keep us posted with your progress !
  3. Get a Scangauge. There is usually a group buy going on. My wife's 00' Xterra is a manual an d I didn't even really try hard and got 26mpg. I think i could get close to 30 mpg with it.
    Start with reading "Beating the EPA article" and ask tons of questions and you'll be posting better numbers in no time.
  4. noyz

    noyz New Member

    I have been running higher pressures, as high as the TPS monitor will let me before the alerts come on. I am well below max PSI, the problem is it has worn the center of the tires alot more than the sidewalls, but did see much better FE. I read about synthetic in some of the stickies, but what is best for cold weather, high altitude(above 10,000 feet) for motor life. I am gonna drive it into the ground, so am also looking at long term as well.
    The Xterra doesn not have a FE gage, so looks like I need in on the group buy.

  5. xcel

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    Hi Noyz:

    ___Welcome to CleanMPG!

    ___About the tires … Steel belted radials do not bow in the middle at max sidewall and I have yet to see a single center wear issue at max sidewall on any vehicle. I have however seen hundreds of tires with terrible edge wear at the placard and below?

    ___Next item … How many miles a year do you place on your X-Terra? We have a well respected member (Bailout) that climbs into and out of the Sierra Nevada’s each and every day in his Yaris and has never been stuck that I know of yet vs. the hundreds of 4WD’s on the same road in the ditches throughout the winter months. He also loves to snowboard 4 + days a week in on mount Rose near Tahoe. The reason I mentioned the Yaris is it may behoove you to consider a vehicle that will drink far less than half the fuel and whose resale will hold a higher percentage than an X-Terra as well. The X-Terra’s TCO may be killing you without you knowing about it?

    ___Good Luck


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