Newbie with a Dodge Neon Automatic - Help!

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by NeonRob40, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. NeonRob40

    NeonRob40 NeonRob40

    Hello, does anyone have a Neon on this forum? I currently have one and am getting about 28MPG in city driving. I would like to see what others are getting and how they are doing it!

    Thanks a lot and please help me out!
  2. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    Welcome !

    Try checking the mileage logs linked on left hand side of this site

    also try reading 'beating the EPA' linked on right hand side of this site

    you can go to the EPA MPG page and find out what your EPA MPG is.

    With a tiny bit of effort (ie simply driving the speed limit) tyou should get 115% of EPA
    Using moderate effort (ie DWL, Nice-one coasting) you should get 140% of EPA
    Using advanced techniques expect 175% of EPA ( the very best get 200% of EPA)

    keep us posted !
  3. SHBerry

    SHBerry New Member

    I have a 98 Neon with a manual transmission. My mixed driving is 35 mpg, but I had one tank that was almost all city and still gave 30 mpg. I know the automatic is thirsty in the 1st gen Neon(95-99) and if your getting 28 mpg... you are doing great.
  4. corey47

    corey47 corey47

    28 mpg is good but i was getting that before i found this site. I have a 2000 neon auto and i get around 40 mpg and its 85% city in orlando and its stop and go the whole time but the only thing im doing is putting my car in nuetral and tire pressure changes and its getting me 10 mpg more. Thats the easier thing to change to me and no speeding. I try not to go over 50 mph. good luck at first u might not notice much change but in the long run u will.
  5. Karb

    Karb BAMF

    Very True. My '98 ATX Neon averages 28 mpg 90% highway @ 75-80 and 10% of "spirited" city driving. If I drive like a normal human being in town I can get 35 mpg. Not bad for an auto Neon. Now I have to try to lower my speeds on the highway and see what I can get out of her.
  6. kinda_fellin

    kinda_fellin New Member

    Another newb here. I too have a neon. I am not doing too well on the economy right now. I replaced a tie rod end a few weeks ago and hadn't got re-aligned yet. I took it in today to have it done and come to find out the other tie rod end is going bad now. So next week looks to be when I will be able to start posting some numbers.
  7. HannahWCU

    HannahWCU Member

    Another Newbie with a 2004 Neon 5-spd. I have a long commute so I am able to try different techniques and routes to and from work. My got just over 42 MPG on the last tank. Not bad but installed a scangauge today and hope to get a few more mpg over the next week or so.

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