Chrysler’s Hybrid pricing released

Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by xcel, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. seftonm

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    People shouldn't have to give up their boats, but we need to rethink what we truly need to move them. There are plenty of 20+ mpg vehicles that can tow over 6000lbs, just not for sale in North America, unfortunately. We seem to need 300+ horsepower to tow 5000lbs, while other continents somehow get by with under 200hp doing the same job. The Australian Ford Ranger can tow up to 6600lbs with its 25mpg 3.0L turbo diesel, or the Australian Toyota Land Cruiser can tow up to 7700lbs with its 23mpg 4.5L turbo diesel.
  2. Himmitch

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    The big 3 are done, I just don't see them making it. Look what happened in the 70s a lot of fuel efficient cars came out.

    The free market does better then the government, just take a look at our public schools...

    The gas prices are doing more to get more fuel efficient cars to the market then are government has done.
  3. Himmitch

    Himmitch Well-Known Member

    I also agree that we need something that gets good gas mileage and can haul a camper, boat or things like that. I have 5 kids and a camper, I have no choices!
  4. GreenVTEC

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    Big 3 are done :confused:

    Isn't the Ford Fiesta the # 1 seller in its class over in Europe? And what about the upcoming 1.4 L turbocharged Chevy Beat? That car right there if priced at 12,000 starting is going to put the subcompact world to shame. A definite better step than Toyota which is making every new model bigger and more powerful. The Prius only goes so far when your still making less efficient Corolla's and Big SUV's and trucks.
  5. Himmitch

    Himmitch Well-Known Member

    Unless the big 3 brings their fuel efficient cars to the US soon they are done here.
  6. Robert Lastick

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    I don't think nationalism is a viabable alternative at all. But, as an observer of the progression of this situation I (as are many of us) am very confused about how we got here and what we should do to extract ourselves. The way I see it;

    1. The Auto/Oil cartel, with the help of the lobbying, special interest groups and corruption have steered this country away from what was known long ago as the "responsible" course for our country and toward more profit for them. This article shows they still are.

    2. There actions are mostly responsible for the predicitment we now find ourself in (all driving low MPG cars, few high MPG cars, few high MPG cars available, a host of resultant economic disasters, wars, etc. etc.)

    3. I have little hope that they are going to change their direction.

    4. I have little hope our government will be able to stop or alter their direction.

    5. Corruption in our government will tend to continue their disasterous direction.

    So I guess when I said "here is a good reason to nationalize", it was out of frustration. Nationalizing would not work. That is clear. But then again, what will?? I know of nothing that will put the brakes on this. I know what we need is responsible, ethical management in these critical industries of Auto and Oil. We need to purge ourselves of the Bob Lutz mentality and let our people know just how much is riding on America doing the right thing now.

    I just dont know how it can possibly happen. Do you?:flag:

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