NASCAR race won by hypermiling.

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by phoebeisis, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. phoebeisis

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    Dale Earnhart won yesterday's race by hypermiling. He did a series of motor off P&G to get an extra 5 laps out of his last fillup. All the other leaders had to stop for fuel, he didn't, so he won! Simple!

    Not bad.

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    That's incredible. Do you have a link to an article.
  3. phoebeisis

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    I read it in my local paper, so no link. I'm sure it would be in yahoo sports.

    Jr went into a fair amount of detail on what he and his crew chief did. He was even cautioned by NASCAR for pulsing in front of the pace car while under a caution flag. He was turning the motor on and quickly accelerating up to speed then shutting off and gliding. They obviously know their business and know P&G since they accelerated briskly, and shut down as quickly as possible to glide.

    They obviously knew that the old school driving style, of driving at a steady speed like there was with an egg under the pedal wasn't the way to save fuel - P&G was the way to travel the farthest distance on the least fuel. He was averaging the same speed as the other guys on the caution laps, but by P&Ging he was using less fuel.

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    Here's the link to the ESPN article. The way he talks about it, everyone is using P&G, he was just using a larger delta and getting ahead of the pace car, so they cautioned him.

  6. phoebeisis

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    Right, it sounded like most of the drivers were doing P&G in one form or another, but Earnhart was obviously doing it the "best"

    They also use pretty thin oil- real hypermilers.

    Hey I bet my 5.7 (350) is just like theirs. Just about 5 compression points, 4000RPMs, 500 hp and $100,000 different!

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    That leads into something i've been wondering about lately.
    If I could take a highly tuned engine with light internals and get better fe in it using ICE off P&G than I could in a standard crate engine.

    Would be even more interesting to me, with a honda engine. Take one of those d15b 3 stage vtecs and stick in lighter pistons, rods, cranks with sleeves and cam tuned for better FE. Or even a insight with a horked engine.
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    I wonder if Wayne will get consulting buisness from NASCAR teams now ?
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    I know what you mean. It has crossed my mind that maybe a slightly tuned motor might make sense. Jack the compression up a bit for better efficiency- the knock sensor will take care of any "problems" . In P&Ging You are trying to run the motor for as few revolutions as possible to get to a certain speed, so maybe more power potential-especially at lower RPMs- might make sense.Maybe use slightly later, but very fast exhaust valve opening. Have those gases pushing as long as possible. It will be a bit hard on the valve train- use good components, and it will limit peak hp at higher RPMs, but so what.

    GM performance parts makes a slightly warmed 5.3 drop in motor with grafal coated pistons. My guess is that the "grafal" is graphite impregnated into the skirts. Take the performance cam out, use the stock cam with slightly increased compression and you might have a starting point for big vehicle FE.

    Any of the Honda motors would be good starting points- increase compression- get moly coated pistons- on your way.Nissan uses moly coated piston skirts on the Titan.
    Oh well,

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