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Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by ChenZhen, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    Hey gang-

    I'm happy to report that I was able to reach my fill-up goal of 30 mpg (albeit barely) with my last stop at the station last night, hitting 30.009. I'm somewhat surprised, actually, because there were a few commutes there last week where I spent a fair amount of time stuck in gridlock on the interstate (which leads me to believe that I could smash this goal if I had a lucky week of traffic conditions, but it is what it is).

    Anyway, I was always unsure if I could do this, especially considering the fact that this car is pretty far from stock. There are quite a few things that I've done to the Cougar (years ago) that may or may not have helped my FE, including a completely modified intake and aftermarket exhaust, larger wheels, lowered suspension and a bodykit. Though, one thing that I think has definitely helped is the weight reduction I did a few weeks ago, when I decided to lose my spare, subwoofer box and (gasp!) passenger seat. But I'd say the most important thing was my change in driving habits, which I attribute to the things I've learned from hanging out on this website. So a big thanks there. :)

    Take that oil man!
  2. kayasbluetaco

    kayasbluetaco Well-Known Member

    Good job! I imagine the bigger tires was helpful at least :)
  3. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Congrats! There is more where that came from. ;)
  4. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    Well done! Something to consider if your employer allows it: To avoid gridlock on my commute, I switched over to an earlier shift at work. It was a huge difference on FE for me.
  5. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    nicely done. having escaped from the minneapolis metro area, i can easily understand how you can get hung up in gridlock in that area......
  6. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    I was more curious about the bodykit, to be honest. I imported it from a company in Germany, and they mentioned that it had met the super strict TUV standards and tested on the autobahn, but I forgot to ask if they'd measured the drag coefficient. lol
  7. Shrek

    Shrek Kaizen Driver

    My experience is that gridlock does not have to be very bad for the hypermiler. Speed is reduced, which is good. You only need to get above 20-30-40 km/h (10-20-30 mph) for the MPG to get down to around 30 MPG

    One can play with FAS, Nice-ON coast, Pulse-and-Coast w/wo fuelcut, Creep in high gear etc. DWB, Half-rate-stop&go (resist the urge to follow the car in front until it has stopped and started once more)

    Be sure to read this amusing site about Traffic Waves if you see a lot of gridlock
  8. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    well done !

    huge percentage over epa !
  9. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Way to go!

    The hot air intake helps me a lot.
  10. PTDixieGal

    PTDixieGal Can I go fishing now? GOOD

  11. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    Hey thanks gang! I know the Coug ain't exactly a fuel-sipping hybrid, and 30mpg doesn't seem very high (especially around here), but it's a good feeling.
  12. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    That is because you actually have greater potential on impacting fuel consumption than those with fuel sippers. Being a geeky analyst, I did some math. For example, even though I beat my EPA by 37% versus your 30%, based on say 15k annual miles and $4.10/gal, you will save 157 annual gallons versus my 121, at an annual savings of $630 versus my $486. I would actually have to beat my EPA by 55% to match your impact, and that gap is even higher for hybrid owners. Therefore, the lower your EPA, the higher your potential. So feel free to encourage anyone that drive trucks or SUVs to join this movement, too.:cool:
  13. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    It did it again! This time 30.5. It was a good week overall, but it seems as if I can't get past at least 2 days of gridlock on the highway. Oh, that, and I had to make a fast trip to the liquor store before they closed (it pained me to think of how my mpg would drop, but, hey, I got the beer).
  14. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    Nice sequential improvement on FE ! Keep up the great work. I must agree that beer is a high priority, but the trick is to either always stock up or have someone else do the last-minute beer-runs. Here's a great thread on beer...
    Cheers! :Banane35:
  15. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    Yea it looks like my FE is notching up there a little each time. I wonder if part of it might be due to the belated transition into summer temperatures here in MN?

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