The Volvo 240..."Green Car" of the 1970s

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    Just a bit of trivia for ya'. Volvo introduced the 200 series vehicles in 1975. With Volvo's new "Lambda Sond"(O2 sensor) and ongoing safety technology, the 240 was the cleanest & safest vehicle in America at the time. And when you factor in that most of Detroit's midsized offerings came with carborated V6 & V8 engines back then, the fuel injected 240 was the one of the most fuel efficient choices in its class.
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    I had one of those bricks. Great car - I took a hairpin at 50mph in the rain and took most of that speed right into the guardrail. And... I drove away with bumper/fender damage, and nothing else. Those were awesome cars in their day. The ~20mpg wasn't too horrible either. Definately a good first car.
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    Nice write up, Wayne. I didn't read that before I posted this. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to link your article to a few Volvo enthusiasts sites as I'm sure many others would be interested in reading it.

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