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Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by psyshack, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Hi Psy:

    ___50 + from an 8th gen Civic is not half bad ;)

    ___Good Luck

  2. psyshack

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    Logged a tank yesterday. 49.7 mpg. I feel I could have nailed a 52 mpg tank if not for the hot humid conditions. I had to turn the A/C on alot in the afternoon.

    The morning drive in is yeilding 54 to 56 mpg. While the afternoon drive home is 45 to 47 mpg. Its been in the high 90's and humid all week with winds out of the south. The afternoon drive has been a real mpg killer.

    I got the Civic tinited this week. That helps some with thermal control. :) Summer is in full swing with temps forcasted to be in the high 90's to low 100's.

    Still working for the first 60 mpg work drive segment. If the winds and temps would work out I feel it can be done on the drive in. At this point the drive home seems to be a no go for a 60 mpg segment.

    I screwed up with the clutch at a light close to work yesterday morning. I killed the car. Had it restarted fast. Less than a car lenght of traffic had moved in the time it took me to refire the car. A man in a Toyota SUV laided into his horn behind me and started waving his arms around. I was shocked! I cant state how I responded in public on this board. But can share with you,, if I had been in my truck his SUV would have been on a hook.

    Have a good day :)
  3. Chuck

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    I feel your pain as another member located in the furnace of the Southwest. My evening mpg tends to be worse than in the morning due to heavier traffic - is that your case?

    If you park in an open lot, is there a tree you can park to the east of? That really helps me use the A/C miminally, along with work allowing golf shirts. Dallas has had 100-degree days, some of them with ozone-alert days that probably aggrivated my throat and sinus. :(

    I'll repeat my story in regards to the rude Toyota drive you met - when that "birdie" Accord driver saw my camera, he got a lot nicer! Granted there are some nutcases that might do anything, but I suspect that Toyota driver would behave better if he was not so anynomous.
  4. psyshack

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    Traffic is about the same for the evening drive. If I could make a living in Okmulgee I would. I hate traffic. But over all hwy 75 and the crap nation turnpike seem to move along real good.

    I have no idea how folks like yourself in the Dallas metro, Brandon in PHX, Wayne and Tom in Chi-Town or any of our members survive in huge metro's.

    I do park in a open lot. I get morning shade. And could move the car for afternoon shade. The blast of heat from a locked up car I can deal with. Its the grind of a drive and heat. I have a leg of my drive in the afternoon thats straight west for about 10 miles. Going right into the afternoon sun. Getting the Civic tinted has helped ALOT! 35% 3M CS on all the windows, 30% Huper Optics on the sun roof. The strip across the windshield is 20% 3M CS messuring 8" at the center.

    Temps are going to be 98f to 102f for the next week or so it looks like. I really have to watch it with high temps. Ive been heat sick several times in my life. Boardering on heat stroke. Not fun at all. Everytime you get in that shape it knocks you down a peg you never get back. And the next event hits easyer, harder and last longer. Ive really grown to hate summer. The FE maybe good, but the rest of it sucks! Tulsa seems to run about two degrees cooler than Dallas in the summer and ten degrees cooler in the winter. Come on winter!!!!!

    As for the Yota SUV driver. I saw him on the drive home yesterday. He had all his windows rolled down, sweating like crazy with a awful look on his face. Guess he figured out he paided way to much for his junk SUV and cant afford gas. He wasnt hypermiling it. Thats for sure. I passed him on a FAS with the windows up. ( I am useing the A/C now ) and just smiled at him untill it hurt. It was sooooo funny. Here's a Civic passing a SUV on a FAS. Im sure he thought it was a hybrid. He kept looking and listening for the sound of a engine. What a fool. I laughed and grined for 10 miles about it. :)
  5. psyshack

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    I took the Civic in today to have the dash repaired. Which it looks like they did right this time.

    When I left the car at the dealer the tank was setting on a 50 mpg ave. When i picked it up they had knocked it down to a 26 mpg ave. Looks like they drove it about 10 miles. Soooo I hypermiled my arse off to get it back up on the drive home. My current when i pulled back into the driveway was 55.4 mpg which brought the tank ave. back to 49.5 mpg.

    Working on Xspurt!!!!! LMAO
  6. brick

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    Very impressive, keep it up!
  7. Hot Georgia

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    Oh, man that is Sooooo close you can just taste it! :rolleyes:
  8. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    53 mpg for the drive in this am. Brought the tank up to 51 mpg. This afternoon will be bad seeing there will be a 102 degree 20 mph southern wind to deal with. :(

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