Prius - Chicago to New York on a single tank Wayne's Progress

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by bestmapman, May 19, 2008.

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    I was actually surprised that a route with a prevailing tailwind, a net elevation drop and solo drivers with presumably minimal loads would yield such low numbers. Less than 40 MPG for a regular driver and just over a 70 for a guru. I would have guessed 50 and 85...

    What was the mileage on the return?
  2. bestmapman

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    Above 42 MPH the Prius is a whole other car. The programing and the way the Power split device (Hybrid Synergy Drive) operate requires the ICE to be turning all the time when over 42 MPH. This is one reason why the Prius turns out lower highway numbers.

    70 MPG on the highway in a Prius is very good.
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    Hi 2TonJellyBean:

    ___With the same only now headwinds and rain maybe 20% of the drive back, she allowed a 64.9 mpg segment from NY City to Detroit before I dropped off the single tank Prius with Toyota’s Press Vehicle handlers.

    ___As Jud said, until SHM was discovered last fall/summer, 70 + on the highway in a Prius was all but impossible. Today, it is a reality if you can stand DWL betweeen 45 and 55 mph?

    ___Good Luck

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    Ye Olde Pittsburg Marathon was 110 mpg at 30 mph if I remember it right. Now the CBS run is about 70 mpg at 50 mph, OK? Two points is all I need for a skeletal linear regression. So at the risk of oversimplfying :)

    Prius maximal mpg = 170 minus twice the mph

    Obviously this produces useless results at the extremes. Standing still, 170 mpg. Driving at 85 mph, 0 mpg. My question is does it have any utility at all, closer in?

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    Props to Wayne for walking the walk. It ain't braggin' when you can perform as advertised.

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