Nissan-Sentra: Close to hypermiling

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by tbaleno, Feb 24, 2006.

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    At this point I'm getting pretty consistant 32+ MPG tanks (combined city/highway), and I can usually get 34 MPG trips on my commute. Tires at 40psi (rated for 35), radiator block, and WAI. After several attempts on the WAI, I'm now using 2" clear tubing from Lowes - it's stuffed in the air intake and directed to pull air from where the o2 sensor is mounted because there is a hole in the heat shield there). I monitor my coolant and intake air temps. coolant floats between 190~210, and once up to temp the air intake can exceed 80 degrees.

    Anyway, not too bad for a car that gets new epa 28 highway!
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    I've owned a 2000 Sentra 1.8L with a 5 speed for almost 3 years. I used to consistently get between 34mpg and 36mpg with the occasional 33mpg thrown in, and 30mpg once that was corrected by replacing two of the O2 sensors. The new EPA stat says 23/32.

    This past year I significantly changed my driving habits. On a trip from Denver to Santa Fe on the highways, I got 45, 44, 44, and 44 mpg on successive tanks with three people and gear (this was on the highways). With combined driving, including about 25% city driving and trips into the mountains on weekends, I have been averaging somewhere between 41 and 42, generally with two people in the car. It's a bit hard fought/compulsive, but I find I'm a lot more aware of the road and other cars, etc. I also do not give up on the speed limit at all- if it's 65, I go 65. I do use the clutch a lot and coast whenever possible, even if it means for 10 seconds down a minor hill. I expect it could mean a new clutch sooner, but I'm not convinced it will be a whole lot sooner. I also keep the revs low, but not to the point of any obvious vibration or laboring sounds. But that's about it.

    I would have eyed a hybrid in the future as I start thinking about changing vehicles, but it is a difficult value proposition when the gains are so slim in terms of fuel consumption, and the pollution from a hybrid (batteries, energy of production) is so large. While I think similar gains in most other vehicles would be hard fought if not impossible, I also think most other vehicles could easily see a 15% increase over average driving habits. If the average person saves 10% by changes in driving habits, and liquid fuels account for 60% of our oil consumption in the US, it is equivalent to finding 6% more oil. This kind of gain has not been seen in real energy development in several decades. It is also several times more energy than all the alternative energy in existence in the USA today.
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    I drive a 1997 Nissan Sentra. Trying to get the best fuel economy. I am still a bit new to hypermiling but I've read a lot of articles.
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    Well, I've actually gotten a 45 mpg tank out of the old Altima since my last post on this thread. Feelin' pretty good about it........
  5. IPlayTrumpets

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    -"I also think most other vehicles could easily see a 15% increase over average driving habits. If the average person saves 10% by changes in driving habits, and liquid fuels account for 60% of our oil consumption in the US, it is equivalent to finding 6% more oil. This kind of gain has not been seen in real energy development in several decades. It is also several times more energy than all the alternative energy in existence in the USA today."
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    Yeah, if EVERYBODY started hypermiling, it would really be something. I could see foreign oil going "whoa, all of a sudden the US doesn't need as much oil, but they haven't started drilling. What gives?" We would lose our "rabbits" to help us with stoplights, though ;-D.
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    -"I drive a 1997 Nissan Sentra. Trying to get the best fuel economy."

    I remember those sentras. If you've got a manual transmission, you should be able to get some screamin' good fuel economy.
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    Hey Guys,
    new to hypermiling and even newer to the forums. I have a 1997 Nissan Sentra that I used to regularly achieve mpgs without much effort in the low-to (sometimes) mid 40's when I commuted to UC from Franklin from '99 to '03.

    Recently, my car's mpg has steadily decreased but I put some TLC back into it and now I'm slowly bringing the mpgs back up. I had an accidental adjustment to the front quarter panel and bumper that severly altered the efficiency. I recently did some at-home adjustments to repair the body (nothing professional) and it has GREATLY improved the mpgs and of course, aerodynamicity.

    I'm trying to apply some of the more basic hypermiling techniques to my driving and I'm seeing good results. On my recent tank of gas I'm at 5/8 of a tank and have 177 miles. I'm estimating right at 40 mpg when this tank is finished.

    Any tips or advice you can provide would be awesome. Thanks!

  8. Right Lane Cruiser

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  9. Zukiru

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    heavy cars make less road noise... I like engine noise, myself...
  10. Maxx

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    I'M impressed. Good god!
  11. joe_97sentra

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    Hey Right Lane Cruiser,
    thanks for the replay with the helpful link. Good read, some of it was a little over my head, but it was informative.

    Is there an advanced information portion someone could send me to? The reason I ask it, although the article listed items into Pros and Cons, I'm curious how some of the Cons add up (blowing trannys, etc.)

    The part I found the most informative was the best (obvious) ways to be stopped at a traffic light and how it's actually better to be constantly approaching the light. That seems so obvious the the author did a great job of describing it, "half way to the goal, half way to the goal line, etc."

    Thanks for everyone that has provided info so far!

  12. scottgriz

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    Hi Everyone, Just thought I would post my experience with my 2000 Sentra GXE. It's a 4 speed auto and I am consistently over 40MPG. I have only been keeping track accurately for a month now. In the winter I was getting tanks around 35-36. I wasn't using any hypermiling techniques then though. My best single trip was 46 miles at 45MPG. Best tank so far was 42.5. I am currently running a 42.5MPG tank as well. Today I achieved 37.7MPG on a 10 mile in town round trip with a couple of stops along the way. Average speed was 35MPH. I'm still running snow tires which will be coming off soon. Just haven't had the time. I'm hoping for at least another 1 or 2 MPG. All in all I think this car does very well considering highway EPA is 33MPG.
  13. joe_97sentra

    joe_97sentra Member

    Hey Scott,
    when you were achieving 35-36mpg without hypermiling, what kind of commutes were you making? With my '97, before hypermiling, I was using cruise control and consistently getting great tanks of gas for that make, year, model (usually between 36-38 mpg.)

    I'm anxiously waiting to see where this tanks winds up to see what kind of output I am getting from hypermiling. I haven't used cruise control in the lat two tanks and I just want to make sure that the effort from hypermiling is worth the extra amount.

    I'd love to hear any information you can provide, Thanks Scott!

  14. scottgriz

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    Same 46 mile each way commute. Been doing it for 3 years now, but only this past year with the nissan. Was running cruise most of the time. The 35MPG tanks were likely a result of cold temps, below freezing and often below 0F. Also no HM techniques were used. My current tank average is 42.6 and have not run cruise since I got my SGII and started HM. It most certainly makes a difference. Let your speed trail off going up hills and then let the downhill get you back up to speed applying only enough gas to gain back the speed you lost by the time you hit bottom. I coast as often as possible by just taking my foot off the gas. I don't bother to go into neutral because at fast speeds I achieve fuel cutoff by just taking my foot off the gas. In neutral it is only as good as idling. Until I have a full year of HM driving, I won't know for sure what is helping.
  15. IPlayTrumpets

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    Yeah, Nissan has had some vehicles that do pretty darn good on the 'ole MPG......but they seem to be making everything a little BIGGER than they used to. At least the new Versa should be a fuel-sipper.
  16. Ratnose86

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    joe, what speed are you cruising at? 40mpg on my 1997 sentra is my goal and I am without a scan gauge or means to purchase one. Wondering what your most efficient speed is on the highway.

    Glad to see some other sentra owners on here, they don't seem to get much love around these parts. I am on my best tank in the 3 years I have owned this car though. 400 miles so far, and I used to get excited about a 300 mile tank.

  17. lees

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    Hmm. It has been 4 months since I got below 41 mpg on my 2000 Sentra 1.8. This mark may be because I live in the Denver area (less air density =less fuel flow on average). The average for the past while has been over 42, and a lot of that (perhaps 30-40%) is city-ish driving. Highway, 3 people, our stuff, 44-45 mpg consistently. I think the worst tankl i ever got was in the low 30's which was fixed by replacing 2 of the 4 O2 sensors. I don't htink anyone who rides in the car realizes I'm doing these things- so I'm obviously not hard-core about this stuff....
  18. elevatorguy

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    Hello! I am new to this site--am just learning about hypermiling, drive a Nissan Sentra and have a question:
    In Philadelphia where I drive 90% of the time in city traffic, drivers are often rude.
    I try to not shot gun ahead to the next red light but coast into the light. Whenever I do this people beep and curse at me. They will drive as fast as possible to the next light.
    If I do not accelerate immediately out of the green light, I get beeped at, or people pass me, giving me dirty looks.
    I am trying to conserve, but it is socially very difficult and stressful for me.
    What do I do--just ignore all the idiots?
  19. xcel

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    Hi Elevatorguy:

    ___Welcome to CleanMPG first off :)

    ___WRT to those that want to win the prize by being first at the light, we have at least 5 methods to take care of them plus the ability to control a long line and save fuel for everyone in some cases.

    1) RR. Do this everywhere.
    2) Reverse pass. Whenever there is an opening, do it.
    3) Alternate of an alternate. If there is a place to dive into and out of without being impeded while letting the other driver win the prize, do it.
    4) E-Flashers.
    5) Do like they do and grab speed and the brakes at the same time. Dumb method but if there is an accident waiting to happen, by all means.

    ___If you can slow an entire conga line down and save fuel for everyone by timing a light, by all means do exactly that. They may not know what you are doing but that doesn’t matter, they do not know what they are doing in the first place so take the heat, save everyone some fuel and walk away the better for it ;)

    ___Good Luck

  20. Ratnose86

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    What year Sentra are you driving? I have a 97 and looking to share tips with drivers of similar generation sentras. I think having a slighter older small car helps me because maybe people think that slow acceleration is all my car is capable of :) I have been hypermiling the last two tanks and am getting almost 37mpg with an automatic with no FAS or excessive tire pressure, so some good numbers are possible (I consider these numbers good, don't know what others would say)

    Wayne has some good tips, not sure what a reverse pass is but I am guessing it is moving over and letting them pass and then getting back in your lane.

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